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Gun wrap - "Misteltein"

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The "Misteltein"-model gun wrap based on a flexible string of shock cord with dyed burlap strings attached.

Both ends are tied with slip nooses allowing for attachment to the weapon using multiple methods, either straight by the noose (barrel attachment) or attaching it as a lanyard (attachment of the stock).


  • Cord: 50% Polyester / 50% Rubber Threads
  • Elasticity: 70% (± 10%)
  • Camouflage material: 100% natural burlap

Available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m.


  1. Tie one end of the gun wrap to the stock of the weapon or the rifle scope.
  2. Draw out the gun wrap upwards the barrel of the weapon in a twisting motion - the gun wrap should be stretched out, but allowing for some slack.
  3. Put the slip noose over the barrel. Both slip nooses should tie down firmly by the elasticity of the gun wrap.
  4. Attach natural vegetation to better blend the weapon with the environment.

Production time

This item is not kept readily in stock - we produce this product upon order. The production time of this item is up to 30 business days.