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Pants - "Odin"

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The "Odin"-model pants are made of a Swedish armed forces-style model combat pants, created by Nordic Army Gross. Constructed in varpsatin fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester) with reinforced knees makes these pants highly durable and tough as nails.

Build and material quality along with some really impressive features makes these pants very suitable for a ghillie base, such as straps for fixating the ends of the pants with the boots, with elastics for a snug fit to prevent access by insects and the elements of nature.

The entire backside are covered in a permanently attached durable polyester-based net with a mesh width of 40mm, allowing for local natural vegetation to be attached to the netting to provide a good natural blend with the environment.

Cargo pockets remain accessible and functional.

Production time

This item is not kept readily in stock - we produce this product upon order. The production time of this item is up to 30 business days.